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12-22-2010, 06:11 PM
Anybody get 2 U yet?
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Honestly, unless a coach is doing something out of line such as physically or emotionally abusing a kid, parents should shut their mouths and stay out of it.

You're always going to find something to complain about a coach; their practices, their lines, their method of encouragement, etc.

It's ridiculous that these parents are even given a voice. I've coached hockey before and what's worked for me is telling the parents I will not talk or email with any of them about the team or anything related to the team. I have them appoint a spokesperson and I only deal with them.

And most of the time, I laugh off whatever nonsense most parents complain about.

I tell them right off the bat that if they want to complain get their own team. I'm the one sacrificing my time to coach their kid. If they think they can do better, get your own team. That usually shuts them up.

This dad is an idiot. Who's he to determine who's bad or not. I can understand the issue of dressing with the boys, but everything else was a joke.

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