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12-22-2010, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by KingLB View Post
I'm confused why Clifford "has" to fight these guys....I can't even remember the last time a "heavyweight" fight wasn't scripted...

Then if the "heavyweights" start "taking liberties" on Kings players...have the Kings players start "taking liberties" on the opposing team....I guarantee the team with the better skaters will be able to take more.
This team has nobody that is going to take liberties outside of those that fight. Just because Marco Strum can skate well, doesn't mean he's going to take liberties.

As for the scripted comment, look no further than Westgarth v. Konopka for an example of a Kings HW fight that wasn't "scripted".

Take a look at the Sabres/Ducks game last night. Ducks go down big early, Blake boards/injures Kaleta. Why would a ***** like Blake do that? Because Buffalo is pathetic in the toughness department and Blake knows his teammates have his back. Sure as ****, Parros lays a beating on Weber who was way, way out of his league. At least Parros picked one of their bigger guys to fight but still, do you want to see Drewiske fighting HW's because the Kings are icing 4 lines that can score? As if the inclusion of Wesgarth is an automatic 2 goals less for LA and 2 more for the other team?

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