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12-23-2010, 02:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Axxion89 View Post
You're 12 years old, thats an old enough age to be able to take criticism and get over it, if not, you shouldn't be playing competitive sports to be honest.

I know it sounds very mean to say that but if you play competitively, there are going to be people who are going to call you out.
Couple issues.

First, this is not AAA hockey or uber-elite prospect kiddos who will become the next Crosbys and Daigles. This is the lowest (relatively) competitive league. You should not be "calling kids out" at this level in any form or fashion except in the vein of constructive criticism, things that are designed to make them better while not so demoralizing them that they quit. While professional, college and junior hockey are all about winning at all costs, recreational and low-level youth hockey are about love of the game, physical fitness, camaraderie with teammates (and the amount of guys on here who think a team can't have the tight bond on it if a girl is on the team is stunning) and generally having a good time.

Second, the father of this other player has no standing with which to criticize someone else's child in a parent's meeting. If he is that invested in the team's performance, he should have signed up to be a coach. Upon failing to do that, he loses all rights to make ice time or position decisions. Any problems he has should be brought up to the coach one-on-one, and if the coach doesn't agree with his opinion, tough.

What he is doing is, ironically, a very 12-year-old girl form of manipulation - when the authority doesn't do something to your liking, attempt to peer pressure through other channels. Form a mob and ostracize the person you've singled out so that they have a rock-and-a-hard-place situation. Either stay and deal with those parents (and probably their kids) badmouthing you and bashing your play, give up ice time that you feel you've earned (since your coach continues to give it to you) and sit on the bench while they snicker about how right they are or quit. It's middle school all over again.

In what world does an agenda item at a parents' meeting about the performance of a 12 year old make any sense at all? They know this is freaking youth hockey, right?

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