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12-23-2010, 07:08 AM
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Boy, there sure are a lot of cavemen in here 'girls shouldn't be allowed to play with boys, etc etc etc.'

Obviously you're either jealous or have never played with 'good' girls, this is coming from the guy who he and his teammates lobbied our high school league to have us play our goaltender, who we had played with (some of us) for ~10 years. Just happened to be a girl and they wouldn't bend the rules; too bad since she was about 100 times better than the guy who replaced her, lame. I've played with many girls over my 'career' and even managed to play an entire season with 2 girls on my line (I was the LW) and it probably was my most productive season in minor hockey hah.

Also, I'm saddened to see things like this still happen to girls playing hockey, since the same thing happened to my aunt some 30+ years ago, she had been playing goal for 4 years, and by all accounts doing VERY GOOD at it until she reached peewee level and the other goalies parents bullied her so much she eventually quit, not because she wasn't any good, but because she was better than their son. Coach wanted her to play, obviously, but the parents took it all the way to the provincial minor hockey authority who finally sided with the parents claiming she should play in an all-girls league. Good luck trying to find one 30 years ago.... ********. The more things change the more they stay the same. My aunt is a crown prosecutor for the federal government now, maybe I should send this article to her see what she thinks about it

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