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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
I've played with women @ Protec in Somerset, my mind doesn't serve me as to the other place I played with them (I think Woodbridge) but I play at Aspen Ice at Randolph now, and I see young girls all the time (under 16). I don't think they have a women's league, but I'm sure they'd be fine with having a woman in the men's leagues.

And for the record, I've always thought Woodbridge's ice sucked...pretty badly. Some of the worst ice I've ever skated on.

Never really got into HNA though. Don't like having to play at different rinks personally, and outside of an organized national championship, I'd rather just play in a rink league. All personal preference though.
I've heard the Woodbridge ice sucks. I go roller skating there but I've never tried the ice personally. I might check it out next week.

About HNA: I heard about that beginner class they have coming up. The beginner classes are held at Mennen in Morristown so it doesn't move around to different rinks. I figure that once I get through that class, I'd play somewhere closer to me. Some of the rinks they play at are too far and their rink times are too late. Playing at 11:00pm on a weeknight isn't going to work. Randolph is too far for me and so is Somerset. The closest rinks to me are Woodbridge and Union. I plan to check out Union today because they have skating classes. Thanks for the tips!

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