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12-23-2010, 10:52 AM
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Everybody is complaining about the defensive side and it wasn't it's best. Yeah Klein in a panic passed to Linebach who made a bad pass. Yeah and SOB didn't got confused and let Skille walk down and wrist the puck over Linebach shoulder. But the offense was patethic. Trotz is so amazing that during the win streak was that Wilson and O'Reil was clicking and the pairing of Erat and Sk was producing some offense. Wilson went from like two goal to 7 in that span and Erat came alive with Sk and what does Trotz do move Wilson to the dynamic scoring line of Smithson and Ward. Why for the ever loving sakes is Smithson and Tootoo ever on a scoring line. We have two centers that have combined 4 goals with Spaling and Smithson and they get most of the minutes. Smithson has 3 goals now then he must be on a scoring line.
Trotz paniced over the beatdown by the Kings. That is just one game and now it's a two game loosing streak because of the offensive moves by Trotz. There were a minimum of chances. We had no offensive threat at all. Still considering the mistake that were made and bad calls. That penalty to SOB was bogus. Even the Sutter call is usually let go because it was in front of the net. The game was in doubt up to that 3rd goal by Skille and that more luck than anything. What is getting on my nerves is that Crispy and the coaches always blame the players. They aren't doing this and they are doing that. Well if they aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing then maybe it's the coaching. The Preds most of the time looked confused on offense especially. The way Trotz strategy last night all the Hawks had to do was check basically one line ...the Erat and Sk line. The Sully/OR/Horn line was confused and then Dumont and that ever so productive player Belak(Why is he on this team). Then Trotz really got them scared when Ward/Smithson/paired with Wilson jumped over the boards. There is no offensive strategy to our offensive and the power play..don't get me started. Dumont made a great move and hit the post which was bad luck but what Trotz is doing putting him on the 4th line and then when the offense doesn't work and in the third start mixing and matching Dumont with ever line possible is beyond sad. Dumont deserves better. Well onto the next game and the plodding offense

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