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12-23-2010, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
Agreed, you need talent in order to win, but there's players and then there's one of the greatest players to play the game who single handedly carried the team in 05-06 and that IMO has nothing to do with coaching what so ever that's just a simple gift that I consider to be lucky to have seen and enjoyed as a fan.

Yes, actually it partly was, because his role as Director of Player Personnel, his inability to institute an adequatee system to develop players internally lead to him having a shortage of players as a coach and an over reliance on UFAs. Furthermore his lack of ability to properly assess and use and develop talent in front of him lead him to further rely on UFAs.
The only thing it has to do with coaching is that Renney allowed Jagr (and his Czech mates)to play the game his way and there weren't boundaries put in place that could (or would in any way) frustrate the Super Star (where as in Washington he was frustrated with the coaching staff and stated, "they took away my tools there, and expected me to adjust to a rigid defensive system instead of building the team around my talents." Not to mention there already was tension surrounding the Caps locker room because supposedly Adam Oates was told the owner didn't have enough money to give him a contract extension, yet they signed Jagr at 81 mil. Oates resented both parties).

Sather, like several G.M's before him, is still the one to blame imo.

The biggest mistakes (and most would probably agree) included the signings of, or trading for Holik, Lindros, Jagr, Messier (again), Kovalev (again), etc...

The 03'-04' season was horrible for the Rangers when looking at the standings, but the results of the lottery draft is enough to make even a casual Rangers fan furious. The players listed above helped the team just enough so that they would finish 25th overall (as opposed to 28th) in the standings. Just 3 more spots up, and Ovechkin (or Malkin) would be a Ranger .

Maybe if Slats would have went with the kids back then, they would have had a better record but I highly doubt that.

Subsequently, next season's fate would probably have ended similarly for the Rangers. Maybe we could have landed Kessel or Backstrom. I'm sure even Chris Stewart is a player we all could live with.
Lets not forget we missed out that draft year when passing on Claude Giroux. Who's fault is that?

Go back to 05' (and I love Staal) if the Kings select Staal, or the Rangers move up one more, we get Kopitar.

Bottom line, by now Renney's mistake doesn't phase me. This is a franchise who let so many super star players go, either due to poor scouting/drafting or crappy trades since the 70's. The list is too long to count.

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