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10-08-2003, 07:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
Dulzhok if you weren't so critical of just about every player on the team, I think more people would cut you some slack. However, you are critical, and undervalue all of our prospects/players.
I'm not being critical, I'm just giving you my honest opinion. I guess you would rather me go around say "Tootoo will be rookie of year!!!!" "Lewgand will outscore Modano this year!!!!" "Even though I have only seen Zidlicky play a couple of preseason games, he will be the next Brain Rafalaski, FOR SURE!!!!!!"

That's just not me. I will give my honest opinion.

I have said many times that I think Legwand is a good player, but honestly, I don't think he will ever be dominant. After saying that, people get pissed off, so I go into detail why I think the way I do. People keep bringing it up. So it appears as though that's all I ever talk about. Other than that, I don't really know what you are talking when you say I'm so critical of every player on the team. I have said that Arkhipov has excellent offensive ability, but honestly, I don't know if he has the passion and battling-mindset to fully maximize his abilities. As I said, hopefully he will find "the fire." It's not being critical, it's giving an honest opinion.

Apparently, you just aren't reading all my posts. I recently said that I think Johansson could score 30 goals if he stays healthy. I said that Hartnell could put up 20+ goals if given the right ice time. Etc, etc.

But if you want, I will lie from now on. I will say that Zidlicky will be the next Brian Rafalski, eventhough I have only seen him a couple of times. I will say that Legwand will be next Mike Modano, when that's not what I really think. I will say that Tootoo will be the rookie of year, when that's not what I really think. I will say that Arkhipov is a battler like Scott Stevens, when I really think his passion right now is on the low end of the register.

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