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12-23-2010, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
eh, i just have a hard time blaming sather for that....i blame sather for his lack of ability to play the free agent market wisely...but not for the draft picks, i dont give him credit for picks either though...imho the credit/blame nowadays falls with Clark..and its mostly been credit.
I agree with you that Renney is more to blame for the pick, and I have no problem with Renney taking the blame for the pick. I just dont think that pick is his legacy.

Another thing people are failing to recognize is that as Director of Personel and VP of Player Development, he is not actually scouting the players and evaluating them for the most part. These positions are management positions that focus on getting the scouts the tools they need, and funneling information through the proper channels to better judge assets, etc..
Every scout in the organization doesn't pick up the phone and call Glen Sather to update him on the 50 guys the team is keeping track of. That info is funneled through the Director and VP who has to make decisions based on his scouts.

Now I understand the degree of involvement in every organization differs and I have no clue what pull Renney actualy had within the Rangers Organization while he held those positions, but lets be honest, he held each one for under 2 yrs.

But let me end by saying this, and I've said it before. I have no problem with the Jessiman pick no matter who's to blame, we've had higher picks than number 12 turn out to be flops here, so I wont worry about this one either.
As a player/personel guy it appears Renney may not have been that great. As a coach, he did a wonderful job with the assets he had.

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