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12-23-2010, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
I understand what your saying, but I dont care how many goals the team scores if its winning games.

Is our offense better under Tortorella, yes it is vastly improved.
Is our defense better as a team? I'd say absolutley not.

Either way though, you want me to believe that-
and ignore the fact that Renney took his team to the playoffs 3 times while calling Torts miss of the playoffs, bad luck. Thats completely unfair in my opinion. I think Torts (who I dislike because his personality) Is doing a wonderful job this year, but I'm not going to say his been better than Renney until he wins a playoff round.
Right now were sitting at 2.60 goals allowed per game.
last year we were 2.61.

2 years ago (mostly under Renney):2.58
3 years ago (compeltely under renney)2.32
4 years ago 2.57
5 years ago 2.57

outside of the 1 outlier year, which really can be explained away as, our team couldnt score a goal to save their lives, so they had no choice but to play rock solid defense, there is no measurable difference defensively between Renney and Torts defensively. difference between 2.58 and 2.61 adds up to about 2-3 goals more per year which is negligible.

Our defense under Renney was all about Henrik Lundqvist. Our defense under Tortorella is all about Henrik Lundqvist. Nothing has changed in that aspect.

Conversely, doing the same numbers for offense...
5 years ago: 3.05
4 years ago: 2.84
3 years ago: 2.50
2 years ago: 2.44
last year: (under torts) 2.67
this year: 2.94

imho with the exception of 2 years ago, Renney had a more talented offensive team every year. Jagr > Gaborik, its not even a competition, and Shanny was better than anyone we had. 5 years ago id say was Renneys finest coaching job as he got a lot out of a relatively untalented team, but his feel for the game and ability to get anything out of his club offensively was readily showed.

again, it wasnt all bad with Renney, he changed the culture of this team. to me that was HUGE. that was what Joe Torre brought to the yankees, an ability to to stay calm, cool and collected in the face of adversity, to bring stability to a team. but, like Torre, Renneys inability to actually manage/coach is what led to his downfall. What I like about Tortorella is that he is a good COACH. personality, structure, all that groundwork was laid by Renney, which is what made him a good transitional coach, getting us away from the stupidity that was the decade of despair, and righting the ship. for that he will always have my thanks, but we were going nowhere under him. furthermore the stupidest trades and signings were done under his tenure as coach, and like it or not, the head coach does have a lot to do with what players are brought in, etc. you bet your ass the gm will tlak it over with the coach first to see how he feels. most of us knew the Redden, Drury, Blowmez signings were awful, but you have to remember that Renney must have given them the thumbs up or at the very least must have not given them the epic thumbs down.

All in all, Renney is probably the right coach to set that culture up again in Edmonton, but ultimately that team won't win jack with him at the helm.

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