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Originally Posted by Axxion89 View Post
PS - This is for all the people who say why can't girls play with guys if they are better etc etc. I agree, I don't care if girls play with guys, hell I played with a girl on my HS team and she was good, better than me and I didn't care at all, she played liked one of us. But in theory, if you are going to elect that girls can play on guys teams then you must also agree that boys can play on girls teams if they desire, its only fair. You cannot discriminate one sex but favor another. Thats why if there is a female team for the same sport, then girls have to play on the girls team but if there is no girls team, then let em play with the boys.
It's not quite that simple. Outside of the north and east, hockey is a niche sport. It is not as easy to find a girls team for the girls to play on. If you are lucky enough it likely will have to travel very far to find competition, ie there is no "house league" for girls. So the girl can either play on a travel team that the parents can't afford or they can play on a boys (mixed) team. I know this beacause I have two daughters who play.

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