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06-18-2005, 05:35 PM
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That's right, hockey evolved from other games and there is no definitive answer to when hockey originated.

The research group that I belong to did a comprehensive study on the origins of hockey but first had to define the criteria - 2 teams playing on skates, with sticks, a form of a puck etc. The 5 areas that there have claim to be the birthplace of hockey are:

Montreal, Kingston, Halifax/Dartmouth, Windsor, Geat Bear Lake

But the first 'recognized' & reported hockey game was in 1875 in Montreal.

The CBC's 'Hockey-A People's History' series will do some reenactments of early hockey and one of those is from the 1875 game in Montreal. From what I saw of the shoots, it should be interesting.

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i think basketball seems to be the only major sport that was just "invented" on the spot. everything else seems to have evolved from other sports

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