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10-08-2003, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by IceDragoon
Certainly doesn't sound like he's keeping his end of the "confidentiality agreement", does it?
Hmmm, I've spent time chatting with lawyers before and this could seem like public lawyer-speak also. He didn't say a damn thing.

"I'm an optimist, but I'm very pessimistic now that this can be worked out in Edmonton," Winter said yesterday.
Personal opinion.
  1. Information content about true negotiations: 0.
  2. Spin value: 100.

"There are differences of opinion between the parties that may be irreconcilable."
Pamela Anderson may one day win a Nobel Prize. Microsoft may decide to give their operating system away for free. I may be wrong here.
  1. Actual information content: -5.
  2. Spin value: priceless.

I guess I'm just an incurable skeptic.

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