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12-23-2010, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Dump and Chase View Post
It is so typical that this whole thing gets spun as a gender issue and suddenly becomes a huge story.

The Toronto Star pushes a PC hot button, sells some newspapers and whole bunch of people lose their minds. Facts be damned!

The only person in this whole episode who is not a scum bag is the girl.

The mother is obviously an idiot for letting her daughter read the email about this. What kind of a mother does this to her own child? I would suggest it would be one who would rather grind an axe than protect her own daughter's feelings and interests.

The grandmother is scum for stating that she was going to spin this to the media and then doing exactly what she threatened. Can you imagine putting a 12 year old in the middle a media **** storm for the sole purpose of padding you own hurt ego?

Atis is an idiot for giving his opinion about where a player should play on the team and how much ice time the player should get. He is not the coach. His opinion is moot. Talking about it, writing it down on paper and bringing it to a parent meeting is detrimental to the team.

Minor hockey coaches volunteer their time and energy to give to these kids. If a parent is not part of the team staff it is their job to shut the hell up and let the coaching staff do their job.

Robert Cribb of the Toronto Star is an idiot for taking all of this story out of context and framing it as a gender issue to sell newspapers...all on the back of a 12 year old girl.

My daughter plays hockey. On a boys team. She changes in the same room as the rest of team. She is the only girl. She is 4 years old. There is no way in hell I would have her changing with boys at age 12. Some kids will have reached puberty by that time. It is inappropriate.

Think about if for a second. If you are 12 and have no hair on your nuts yet and some of your team mates do would you be embarrassed about changing in front of a girl? You are damn right you would. This girls mother was forcing these boys into that situation.

I would not have my daughter play competitive boys hockey if she is one of the worst kids on the team. Why put her in that position? Now if that was the only option for her to play hockey (ie: there is no girls team for her to play on) I would do it but if she has girls team options why the hell not put her there when she is a border line player.

The real issue here is that a lot of people these days are complete and utter morons. Hockey is just a vehicle for people to act like morons. It is not the reason.
So now you have me confused. Why should a mother have to hide an email from her daughter about the agenda for a hockey meeting? The mother wasn't the one to write the agenda, why is she to blame? If this had been your daughter and she found the agenda or asked you what the meeting was about, would you lie to her? And the grandmother was within her rights to get the media involved, don't piss off a little child's grandma or you'll pay the price. The newspaper did exactly what newspapers do, took a story and ran with it. It's not the newspaper's fault that Atis threw them a big meatball. The person to blame, and the only person who should get the blame is Atis. One last thing, Atis is the only person making the claims about the issue with changing in the locker room and the girl's ability to play. No one else has stepped up and supported this guy's claims. That should make you wonder just a bit how valid his argument really is.

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