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Originally Posted by Dump and Chase View Post
So you need a quote from a 12 year old boy as proof that some of them were uncomfortable changing in front of a girl? If you can't figure this out for yourself you either being purposefully obtuse or you a long way removed from being a 12 year old boy.

Atis is completely out of line injecting his opinion about how much a player should be playing and what position that child should be playing. It is none of his damn business unless he is part of the coaching staff.

Other than that the other points he brought to the table in a parents meeting are completely valid. He has a right to know how the money is being handled and he has right to express his opinion about a 12 year old girl changing with 12 year old boys. Hell when I was 10 I started showering after hockey games. You can't do that with a girl in the room.
The problem is, his proposed solutions had nothing to do with separate changing rooms or when should it be a boys only team. It only dealt with reducing her ice time and her perceiving talent faults. Like you said, that's none of his damn business.

He absolutely has a right to know how money is being handled. He has a right to express his opinion about the appropriateness of the changing situation, but that should be handled with the coach and not with the rest of the parents.

Further more, you can totally shower if a girl is in the locker room. It's called a towel. Wear it. Pull your boxers/briefs/whatever on with it on. Professional players who deal with open locker rooms do this all the time. If they can figure out how to change modestly with reporters, microphones and cameras around, surely a 12 year old can figure out how to avoid awkward moments around a single girl. At this age, she's likely in a sports bra and could easily slip into that in a bathroom stall, so this whole "could be accidentally exposed to her" is also a red herring. It's astoundingly easily correctable.

But again, given his proposed solutions are all about reduced ice time, his real point is not that a girl should not be on the team. His real point is he doesn't think this particular player is good enough for a low-level youth team. And even you can agree he has no standing to make that point.

Could it really be because she's a she (as opposed to her being "different" just makes her an easier target)? Very possibly. But if that's his problem, he needs to man up and make it the problem instead of making the problem her playing ability.

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