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12-23-2010, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by King Woodballs View Post
I am pissed that my taxes are going towards this and not to fixing the roads that have shortend my spine by an inch or two in recent years.

My philosophy is... if the owner wants the arena/stadium pay for themselves
Your tax dollars are not being used to build it. The Government is taking out a loan just like any other corporation/person does to pay for something. The tax money generated from having a new stadium will pay for the construction loan itself and along with saving your I mean fix the roads you drive on.

And aparently the Bomber BOD who will manage the stadium operations believe they can pay off their portion over 44 years. I guess you could say the community owned Bombers will be the owners, which means you are a silent owner.

Government built facility's all work on the same principle. The build it, believing it will increase tax revenue from development around the facility along with having a lease with a major tenant to pay it off. Other events will be gravy.

Glendale did the same thing but the difference between the two is that there are multiple venues with similar capacity in Arizona that makes it tough to fill outside of their one full time tenant. Where as the new stadium in Winnipeg will the be ONLY facility that can host large concerts and events requiring 30 000+ attandees.

The CFL will always be around. The government will bale the league out if times ever become tough again. Heck, even the NFL loaned the league money a while back to keep the league afloat.

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