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10-08-2003, 07:55 AM
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Man will I be glad when this soap opera is over. It's been clear that MC and the Oilers have had problems since last season, and that he was probabaly gone after his playoff performance this spring. Lots of folks chose to overlook the signs - but they were there just as they are now.

Lowe is very predictable. He makes his trades now and at the March deadline - so I expect MC will be gone this week. We also dont need a center back for him since we have Smyth, York, Reasoner, Horcoff and Stoll in Edmonton - and Niinimaki, Pouliot, Winchester and Sarno in the system. You think we have a logjam at LW - just wait a year or so and see what happen at center - so that need has been addressed IMO.

We need a dman or goalie much more than a center. However given the rock-bottom market for goalies - we can address that need easily and cheaply through trade or by just resigning Salo to a contract that actually reflects his existing value. Salo's contract looked good 3 years ago but the goalie market has just collapsed since then so I am pretty sure we can resign him at a much reduced rate. So a young dman is what we need for MC because our depth is pretty poor and we may lose Staios to UFA next summer and Smith's future is also unclear.

MC for a young dman is my call and I hope it happen this week so these Comrie threads can end and we can get on with the season.

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