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12-24-2010, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by KingLB View Post
So what your saying is its suppose to entertain fans but shouldn't be there? I think this is my whole issue with the "anti" crowd....seems like anything that has been around for a while is ok but something new is a bad thing.
there's plenty of people planted on certain points of the traditonalist spectrum... without using some extreme example, there's many things you could do to entertain fans but when is the integrity of the game lost? i still don't see the issue with tie games... and I especially hate the fact that points are being given for what essentially is a pretty coin toss... and had absolutely no bearing on the previous 60 minutes... why not put it in the playoffs?

if for whatever reason games can't end in a tie I still would much rather see it go to 3on3 pond hockey first to keep it "special" since you would rarely get to a shootout and to me it would be even more exciting... stupid but exciting...

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