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12-24-2010, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
Kings win with a sloppy effort tonight. Kings were very scrambly in their own zone tonight.

I don't mind Edmonton getting the loser point. Kings finally gain a point on Dallas.
Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
Stole those points.
I was literally getting sick to my stomach watching the Keystone Kings out there doing the best impersonation of a chineese fire drill with the ATROCIOUS passing and puck control the whole night. How many more passes can Cap'n Canada fumble away before we find a way to make him Cap'n Cand? We were not good on the puck even into the third. JQ may have given Hall a weak goal, but our 2nd was pretty similar. Besides, on Hall's goal Doughty over-commited in front of the blue line and gave him the opening to the outside.

Although some on this board are happy for the 2pts, as am I, watching this team play like they did in Colorado and like they did tonight just a few nights later is mind boggling. But I will give the Oil credit as I will to their coach. We were well scouted as the points had pressure on them the whole night, and Edmonton's team speed gave them the ability to pressure the puck, causing us to make poor passes and be rushed, causing puck loss. They will get better and Tom Renney appears to have rounded a corner with the team. Overall, a frustrating game which we barely won as the Stoll puck dribbled across the goal line. With as far as Dubnyk comes out, the deke to the 5-hole is the move to make. Than goodness I was not the only one to notice that.

Originally Posted by Shellz View Post
I honestly don't think the Kings played that badly. The Oilers just had no business winning tonight
Funny, I thought they out hustled us the whole night and were the more physical team

Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Edmonton played a great game tonight, but the Kings still played well enough to beat them. If not for the soft goal allowed to Hall, the Kings had a regulation win. Quick did well in the shootout to redeem himself, though.

Ponikarovsky and Brown were tremendous on the forecheck, opening up space for their linemates when they did.

The Kings directed 66 shots at the Oiler net tonight, while the Oilers directed just 50 at the Kings' net - gives a bit of an idea who was controlling the play, and where. The big difference was that Edmonton had 22 blocked shots, an outstanding total.

The effort was certainly not lacking for the Kings, they just went up against an aggressive and better-skating (though erratic) opponent, who gave them a tough game.
By the same token, if not for the soft Stoll S.O. goal, we might not have won at all. We were outskated and outplayed. WE could not establish control in our zone but for a few short bursts, our passing was piss poor and the speed and pressure they placed on our players, particularly at the points gives a good blueprint to other more skilled teams on how to play us.

Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Kings deserved this win. We are a much more dynamic team than the Oilers. However our team passing was garbage all night and against better opponents that wouldn't fly.

**** Peckham. First time I wanted to see Westgarth all season was after his third cheap shot on Williams in as many shifts. What a burly *******. He brutalizes us and was the oilers defense.
The passing, and how we handled (or didnt) their pressure is the reason I thought we didnt to deserve to win. I thought this was a game the S.O. stole for us.

Re: Peckham. He is a beast, and this was a game Westy could have given us more than Lewis did, hindsight being what it is.

Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Not going to complain about the win, but I wish we'd see a killer instinct out of this team that we saw from them in Detroit and Colorado. I guess the team sometimes plays down to the level of the opponents. For a team expected to contend for a division championship, the Kings eventually have to decisively win games against non-playoff teams.
I alluded to this in the pre-game posts. Looked liek to entirely different teams playing between this game and last. I havent seen the interviews but I would bet that candidly TM wasnt happy with the execution.

Originally Posted by Chruceg View Post
I completely agree with you. I just wanted to say that I think the lack of a killer instinct against weaker teams is symptomatic of a young team. There are no easy wins in the NHL. It's hard to accept. Hell, there are no easy wins in my beer league and I still go into some games thinking I can coast ... and I'm 30.
Could be as to the Kings. But we were playing a young team too.

There is not coasting in the over-40 league I play in. Not with the likes of Blake, Harpo, Kompon, Barhona and other former high-level players playing, and I'm significantly over 30!

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