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12-24-2010, 03:50 AM
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I was gonna raz you but I think we've all had a moment or two like this

Mine was years ago when I moved to a new city, after college.. Knowing no one I looked for and signed up with a roller hockey league. Didn't know anyone from adam, so the director signed me up with a random C level team, sponsored by a local equipment store... I skated out on first game day to meet my teammates for the first time.

Boy was I in for a shocking moment. The "captain" and certain other teammates, gave me these weird looks, and right after I said, hello.. what my name was and where would they like me to play.. I was told.. uh... y'see.. one of our teammates, just came back, so, well.. we don't really have any spots open...

Awkward silence.....

Did I mention that I"m black?

Anyways my dumb as skated away (yes, in full gear) towards the main office (oh and yes, there was a nice little crowd watching) .. told them I would need a new team (being the young dummy I was I didn't quite get what had just happened) Anyways, another captain of a diff team had seen what took place.. was disgusted and asked me to join their team.. A bunch of good guys, but they weren't very good players.. anyways we finished in last place.

Next season I was asked to move up a level and join a team that'd watched me play...

Talk about hitting the jackpot... I was paired with perhaps the best winger I've ever had (I passed, he scored...that easy ) Paraphrasing an old teammate "watching you two is like watching my kid play nintendo hockey" (yes,.. I'm that old )

Anyways, we had everything you'd need good goaltending, great skating/defensive D.. The other line were a bunch of power forward types and my linemate and I were the "nintendo hockey" pair

Surprise, surprise the team that'd dumped me had also gone up a level (Well.. most of em anyways). We were tied, towards the end of the season for the last playoff spot. Suffice to say, it was a big game (especially in my head)

Both goalies played their ***** off, but I had fun noticing that the other team had a differnt look on their faces this time.. specially when they noticed that individually I was better than most of them... I racked up my usual multi assists, but the best part came when one of our defensemen pinched,.. I skated around their D and put my guys pass in the net for what would be the game winner!

Till today, I remember the ridiculous hollering we did as we jumped in the air and celebrated ...

anyway, .. game ended.. the other line had two more goals and I took extra enjoyment in saying the meanest thing I get to say at the "after game handshake"

"hey man, good hustle out there..."

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