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12-24-2010, 05:21 AM
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How much blame do you give Lundqvist for the shootout loss?

I know a lot of people here often give Lundqvist free passes on things he shouldn't (I know I do at times).

I'm curious as to how much blame you think he gets on the SO loss.

I think he gets half the blame.

Sure, he was great from rounds 4 - 10 being perfect, and our shooters were a joke after the first 3, but why did it get to round 4 to begin with? We got 2 goals, but lundqvist also let 2 in. Most of the time your team gets 2 out of 3 in the shootout, it should be over right there. After that he put on quite a show, but unfortunately the damage was done since outside of EC and our AHL callups we have nobody who can come close to getting a shootout goal. And that was probably the most frustrating thing about watching the shootout tonight. Lundqvist can make as many great saves as he wants, but you just know our next shooter is going to fan on the shot or something.

On another note.. the guy takes it way too hard on himself in the post game interviews. A bad loss is a bad loss (and tonight's wasn't even a bad game, we played great outside of the 2 retarded give aways to st louis), no need to take it on yourself like that.

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