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10-08-2003, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Kritty
His jersey is the highest selling jersey of all Leafs player and he is one of the major reasons why the Leafs sellout so many games and have such high merchandise sales.
As getting off topic as this may be, Domi has nothing to do with the Leafs filling the ACC. In fact Mats Sundin, Alexander Mogilny, and Ed Belfour have nothing to do with selling out the ACC. The only thing that makes Leafs games so popular are the throngs of idiots who would pay a couple of bills even to see the Leafs suck. I should know, I'm one of them.

Harold Ballard capitalised on this fact for years, making the team into a cash cow instead of even a playoff contender. Even during the worst times of the Leafs (known to most people as the 1980's), fans still came even for standing room only to cheer for a team consistently posting sub-.400 seasons. Leafs fans are idiots. Well most of them in the Greater Toronto Area anyway.

Take my ex-girlfriend (insert Rodney Dangerfield joke here) who is a pretty good representation of about 60% of Leafs fans: Cujo is the best goaltender that ever wore the Blue and White, EVER. It was said before on these very same HF boards that Leafs fans are the only ones in the league that still believe Mikael Renberg is still a first line player, and are probably the only ones that thought that Garry Valk and Jonas Hoglund were good players too. It's not like it's their fault though, they keep getting led around with false promises of a Stanley Cup and awful GM's making ridiculous trades (1st round draft pick in 1991 which turned out to be Scott Niedermayer for Tom Kurvers).

It's not like I can go to Leafs games anymore anyway. With tickets ranging from $25 obstructed to $405 for good ones, why bother? It's just going to further the opinion of management that people will still pay top dollar to see a shoddy product.

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