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12-24-2010, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
rozy would lead the league in assists if we counted his giveaways.

rozy is a dufus.

and this may be very unpopular to say but henrik is beggining to worry me. has he reached his peak ? have we seen the best of lundqvist?

is the off ice, non-hockey related stuff like his amazing lifestyle becoming his focus rather than hockey ? is he more about being hank then being the starting goalie for the nyr ??

hes easlily upset, shows alot of emotion and reactions on the ice, he still seems to make the same mistakes and contiunues to be prone to bad goals at bad times.

and for the first time in a long times, i dont feel hes carrying the team, in fact, i think the team has been hurt by hank a few more times than usual and thats a concern.

im beginning to wonder. I STILL BELIEVE HES ONE OF THE BEST. but....

last nights save % was .875 not very good.

3.35 gaa .889 last 2 games

14-12-1 2.47 gaa .918 for the season is just so-so

is hank no longer elite ?
Ok, so if Rozy is a dufus, than outside of one good pairing (an even that pairing is still young and will make an occasional mistake - talking about Staal/Girardi) Henrik plays behind a "dufus" and MDZ, Sauer, Eminger, Gilroy... pretty green/weak D corps if you think about it.

Oooh.... his stats have been bad over the last two games! He must no longer be elite.

His career GAA is 2.34, which means he's allowed .11 more goals per game this season than is "typical" for him. His career S% is .918. Henrik is playing pretty much the exact same hockey he always does. The wins/loss record is a result of team efforts.

Sure, there have been moments where he hasn't look his sharpest. There have also been moments where he has been lights out. Overall, your questions are absurd. Our fan base blows my mind; I've actually logged myself out of HFboards and taken it off the quick links in my browser because I've been so frustrated by the quality of posts around here lately. I'm really trying not to post, but I was browsing this morning and couldn't help but respond to this drivel. Do you even think about what you're writing? His statistics are virtually on par with his career average, playing behind perhaps the greenest defense he's ever played behind, and the Rangers are doing quite well in the standings. Hank must not be elite anymore.

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