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06-19-2005, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by PepNCheese
So we buy out Nolan...and if we could get another starter, perhaps Belfour? I would look at Klee as well, since we can get a better defenceman than him for 1.9 million of cap space IMO. I'm sure MLSE would gladly pay that relative chump change to free up payroll space for better players.

I don't believe the UFA age will stay the same for this year. It will drop at least one year initially, although I believe the phasing-in approach is one that makes sense for the players and I think that'll happen.
Buying out Nolan was my original thought as well a while back .. he was slated to make $6.5 mil .. with the rolback less . .But if you can use his money to pay both Lindros and Allison (or any two players) then that's a win for the Leafs IMO.

That buyout money should come from Quinn directly as he is the one that inherited the Nolan contract with that stupid lockout clause that now is costing Leaf fans indirectly to buyout that deal... Altough Nolan is not a bad guy and has contributed in the regular season so this buyout while it frees Cap space is not really equal to other teams getting to buy themselves out of bad deals to unproductive players ..

As much as I like Belfour and think he is the main reason for Toronto's success he might also again be a consideration depending on what direction the team takes and its composition .. If this is Eddie's last year likely, so if you are going with a very young team next year then, for both Eddie's and the teams sake a trade or buyout might be in order .. If I am GM and dressing 6 rookies/young players am a serious Cup contender ??

As strange as it sounds to buyout or trade (if possible) a 2nd team All-Star dman in McCabe .. If you can replace him with Pronger for the money, and Cap Space you have to consider it IMO ..

Klee as well as you pointed out .. This is only money to MLSE and they will make plenty in the new CBA so .. perhaps its all of the above ..

Leaving you with Mats, Tucker, Kaberle, Stajan under contract and build a whole new team from the UFA market and AHL promotions and Qualify Poni and Antropov.

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