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12-24-2010, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
the ability of people here to comprehend beyond knee jerk reactions is amazing. if you really read and think then you would understand what i wrote.

based upon this entire season THIS year, not just last night, is hank still an elite goaltender ?

that's the basis of my post. nothing more.
The irony is killing me. Did you even read MY post than? The one that says his statistics for the season are pretty much on par with his season averages and that at times he hasn't looked his sharpest, but at times he's been lights out? The part that says we're doing very well in the standings and that win/loss records are a team effort? Obviously, all of that was only addressing last night.

The fact of the matter is YOUR post is a knee jerk reaction. Nothing more... because ON THE SEASON, Henrik is virtually the same Henrik he's always been. He's sporting a marginally higher GAA (.11) behind a VERY limited defense... After Staal/Girardi we have a veteran that by your own standards is a dufus, two defensively deficient sophomores, a rookie and a bottom pair journeyman. Sure, Sauer and Eminger have given us some quality minutes, but that's only quality relative to the expectations that are upon them, which are relatively low. Henrik is playing behind a fairly thin defense and putting up virtually the same numbers as his career averages so how ON EARTH could he no longer be elite if he's the same? Either he never has been, or he still is.

Moreover, it must feel great to be the only genius cheering for the Rangers at HFboards. I mean, people hardly EVER agree with you and the poll in this thread has 90% of everyone who voted placing no blame on Henrik whatsoever - it must be nice being able to see things the average man cannot. Convincing yourself that you're right all of the time no matter how much your peers disagree... delusional.

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