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06-19-2005, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by The Messenger
Some interesting things in Larry Brooks Article:http: //


BARRING AMENDMENT, the new NHL's new collective bargaining agreement will contain a transitional provision allowing teams to buy out players over a defined period this summer without having the 67 percent cost charged against their respective caps, sources close to the negotiations have told Slap Shots. Teams exercising that option, however, will be prohibited from re-signing those players.

All existing contracts and qualifiers will contain the 24-percent rollback first offered by the union last Dec. 9 as a mechanism to avoid taking a hard cap. Buyouts, therefore, will be calculated as two-thirds of 76 percent of the original value of a contract
So who will be targetted?


My guess, is Nolan is bought out.

Belfour and Sundin go to management and offer to restructure their deals.

It would not surprise me to see 9 million off the books for this year after the CBA is established.

Nolan isn't going to be the only buy-out, as other teams are carrying large contracts, and those players once freed up will take a reduced contract with another team.

Here's an interesting scenario:

Leafs buy-out Belfour and Nolan for the 2/3 of the 76% contract.
Blues buy-out Weight for his 2/3 (if still under contract).
Rangers buy out Holik for his 2/3.

Leafs sign Weight for a reasonable figure.
Blues sign Nolan for a reasonable figure.
Rangers sign Belfour for a reasonable figure.

Leafs trade Weight to Blues for Nolan.
Leafs trade Holik to Rangers for Belfour.

If it isn't Blues and Weight could be Flyers and LeClair, of Canucks and Bertuzzi.

Whatever, there will be ways around it. Leafs are going to have some willing partners in the group of successful franchises out there.

Other dance partners, Canucks Jovo ... Leafs McCabe. Jagr and ...

If you found equal contracts, you could trade first, then buy-out, and then re-sign you old player.

Restructuring deals is likely to be seen as well. Heck, that even happened in the old NHL, as we recall hearing about the Sens getting relief from players so they could trade for and get players under their restrictive situation there.

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