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06-19-2005, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by The Messenger
The problem with this new reported rumour on buyouts is that is really allowing teams to get rid of bad contracts and rewarding those players for under performing under the old CBA, almost as a big signing bonus would, money up front..

Basically it rewards poor players and lets teams get out of bad contracts allowing them to go sign another player, but does not address good players with large contracts and Team Cap room. Again well run teams do not benefit as much as poorly ones do IMO but this option.
The players with bad contracts and poor performance history don't need be re-signed, but they'll still have to be bought out.

So if the Rangers said, we're buying out Holik, but have no interest in re-signing him, you wouldn't do that deal.

There is honour amongst the GM's, I'd even trust Clark if he gave his word.

Doesn't matter how many minnows you have dictating terms, the sharks are still going to eat.

Avs, Flyers, Rangers, Leafs, Wings are still going to use their might.

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