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06-19-2005, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by ULF_55
So if the Rangers said, we're buying out Holik, but have no interest in re-signing him, you wouldn't do that deal.

Avs, Flyers, Rangers, Leafs, Wings are still going to use their might.
No I think you misunderstood or I stated it poorly .. Absolutely would you do it ..

I see this new buyout that does not count against the cap a huge benefit to big market teams that have players THEY DO want to get rid of .. Rangers Holik and Kasperaitis etc, Flyers LeClair and Amonte ..etc ..

But for our Leafs Nolan is almost a necessity for cap room and not that he is a bad player or its a bad contract at 4.5 new CBA ..

I liked the limited (2 per team option) of buyout and re-sign option better because then Leafs with all their $$$ could buyout Mats and give him his money up front (no Cap Hit) and then resign him at 2 mil /season etc .

Now as you say teams need to find ways around deals like a Sakic for Sundin trade followed by a buyout then resigning with old team option .. If the NHL knows this is going to happen would't it just be better to just allow it to happen (ie re-sign option) without all the money business ??

The NHL could avoid any future abuse if they made this buyout only for players currently under contract to your own team while moving into a new CBA..

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