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12-24-2010, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
rozy would lead the league in assists if we counted his giveaways.

rozy is a dufus.

and this may be very unpopular to say but henrik is beggining to worry me. has he reached his peak ? have we seen the best of lundqvist?

is the off ice, non-hockey related stuff like his amazing lifestyle becoming his focus rather than hockey ? is he more about being hank then being the starting goalie for the nyr ??

hes easlily upset, shows alot of emotion and reactions on the ice, he still seems to make the same mistakes and contiunues to be prone to bad goals at bad times.

and for the first time in a long times, i dont feel hes carrying the team, in fact, i think the team has been hurt by hank a few more times than usual and thats a concern.

im beginning to wonder. I STILL BELIEVE HES ONE OF THE BEST. but....

last nights save % was .875 not very good.

3.35 gaa .889 last 2 games

14-12-1 2.47 gaa .918 for the season is just so-so

is hank no longer elite ?
Everyone here knows I would love Sather if he magically turned Rozsy into some draft picks at the deadline, but I'm concerned it won't happen....

Last nights turnover was classic, as soon a the goal went in, my wife looked at me and said-
"Rozsy giving out his christmas gifts early?"

I nearly **** my pants...

As for Hank, I'm not as concerned. I'm really thinking what we are seening this year is all part of the transition the team is making from defense first to sustained pressure. I feel like alot of the shots Hank used to face were lower quality and from the angles. People seem to be getting alot better scoring chances now that our team isn't as tight in the backend (that sounds bad).
Granted he's let in alot of softies from bad angles this year, It really may be a function of the pretty poor defensive play in front of him that doesn't have him as confident. He's let in a bunch of lousy goals, but he's also being hung out to dry and aweful lot. Staal at times, Girardi at times, Rozsival, Del Zotto have all been worse than in years past defensively this year. Eminger and Sauer are by no means mistake free either. I'm not trying to blame the defense so much as just point out the transition that these guys are trying to make to contribute to the offense and pressure game.
I think as Hank continues to adjust, and the defense adjusts to their blossoming two way game, he will become more like the Hank of old, but I also think its unreasonable of us all to expect the same result he used to get infront of a defense first system, to happen in a system thats more open an offensive.

Thats the way I'm seeing it, but I'm with you on the fact that he hasn't looked great this year. When i look through his game log and see all the games with a save % in the .800's its alarming, but all the 1.000 and high .900's remind me that when he gets a good team effort in front of him he's still stellar.

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