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12-24-2010, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerFan10 View Post
Everyone's sarcastically saying he gave up a whole 3 goals in 11 attempts, but someone already pointed out that if he just stopped one of the first two shooters, it wouldn't have gone to 11. It's nice that he kept us going for that many rounds, but it could've been a win in the normal 3 rounds if he stopped the lightning shooters that are best at the shootout.

I'm also not interested in hearing "He stopped Lecavalier and St. Louis!" they're both terrible at the shootout. Everyone's laughing at the thought of Adam Hall scoring but I'm sure there's a reason he goes before them just like there's a reason a player that didn't have a shift in the 3rd period is our first shooter in the shootout.

And talk about hindsight with going with Avery and Feds over Roszy. Avery looks awful in breakaway situations. I'm not sure how Feds does in the shootout, but something tells me it's not all that good. It's absurd to blame Tortarella's choices given the roster he had. Roszival and Gilroy both have good hands and have both shown in the past they've got some moves up their sleeves. Something I don't remember seeing from Avery or Feds in a breakaway situation, penalty shot situation or a shootout.

If you want to blame anyone, blame the shooters for continuing to try and deke Ellis. Especially guys like Brian Boyle, who clearly have good shots and not the best moves.
...and if he let "just stopped" the shots on those first 2 giveaways there wouldn't be any shootout. Also, I've never seen Roszival's good hands that you're talking about. Scoring goals in any situation is by far the weakest part of his game in my eyes.

Overall, I blame the shooters for not realizing that Ellis was coming out to challenge them and poke checking every single time. All any of them had to do was get some elevation on their shots. I get that it's easier said than done but nobody looked like they got even close. That was sad. Also, nobody tries to fake slap shot the guy. That move probably plays over and over in his nightmares after the Omark goal. Someone should have tried it.

At the end of the day Hank was fine and like others have said, he's on pace to repeat his usual numbers this year. He's great. They lost in a gimmick competition to a great team. It happens. They also played very well and Stepan continued to score clutch goals. Those two things are more important to me than whether or not Hank was good stopping 9 SO attempts.

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