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Originally Posted by jfried View Post
And it used to stretch all the way to the Pacific Ocean....because no other team was there.

The League would be stupid to put another team in Southern Ontario. The Leafs capture that TV marketplace fully, they don't need 2 (or 3) teams to keep hockey a top priority in the region.
no it didn't. the Leafs just arrogantly claimed it as their own.

The NHL has always had clearly defined territorial rights and they do not include provinces thousands of miles away.

If the league needs to move a struggling franchise and wants to sell tickets they'll look at Southern Ontario. There are plenty of candidates in desperate need.

They may also want to look at TV ratings because the Leafs - despite having no competition in their market - do not have the same penetration and hold on younger demographics like some other teams do. The Leafs numbers though very very good are largely reflective of the size of their market and their traditional fans. In terms of attracting new fans the Leafs aren't really doing a great job and there is definitely room for more competition.

Case in point in terms of ratings is the Canucks. They have regional numbers that are not far off from the Leafs despite a population that is 4 or 5 times smaller. If the Leafs go another decade with a team like this they could very well be forgotten by new generations that didn't grow up with them.

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