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Originally Posted by getty images View Post
The charter has changed. The Leafs were compensated when Buffalo Ottawa and Vancouver got their teams. But now you are correct that is 50 miles, but all those expansions were before the current rule.

Truth be told jfried, silvercanuck is correct that the Leafs could be forgotten if they don't start winning. Honestly Toronto's demographics are changing and soccer is becoming the sport of choice, there are the Persistent rumors of the NFL as well. Toronto could be end like any other of the american large markets of similar size where the hockey is an afterthought and even laughed at if the don't get it together.
Any team could be forgotten if they don't win.... but the fact is that in Toronto, hockey is still #1 by a fair margin, and that's after 5 years of horrible teams. Imagine what it would be like if the team was considered a Stanley Cup favourite like Vancouver. You turn on the radio in the summer -- nobody talks about TFCs most recent loss to Dallas, they talk about Brian Burke saying "He might trade Kaberle for the 3905932th time".

You don't put another team in a market because the on-ice product presently sucks. When making location decisions, you do it based on long term financial sense, and factor out the current on ice success (or failure) because that is an uncontrollable variable in the long run.

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