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12-25-2010, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by TatarBashqort View Post
well got to know his father a bit, and he's a muslim.I don't see the reason why he isn't, maybe not practicing, i'm myself don't do "namaz" like my father and grand father did..still i visit mosque once a week.

as a Tatar myself i've never met any non-muslim Tatars, Islam is in almost every our tradition, in Tatarstan/Bashkortostan we officialy don't work on Uraza Bairam-Kurban Bairam(muslim celebrations of Ramadan, Holy Month), "Slavic-Russian" regions do work on that days
I actually have never met a Tatar that pratices it actively. I went to highschool with a few Tatars and became good friends with one of them, he said none of ones at our school at the time were actually practicing Muslims, and his family himself hadn't practices since before they moved to Canada. Maybe it's a a false assumption because he said it an he's the only Tatar I got to know, but the way he talked it seemed like most Tatars if Muslim they rarely practiced, he would go to the mosque no more than once a year just because it was their culture, but he said he thought that was pretty common for Tatars in general. Diffrent in Russia?

I just assume if Yakupov is Muslim he's none practising. Kadri skipped a lot of his normal religious things and he's quite religious (My family is friends with who Kadris billets used to be and I remember them saying he skipped of what he was spouse to do and if he wasn't even as close to religious as he was he probably wouldn't bother at all, but he'd still call himself muslim because of culture reasons)

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