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12-26-2010, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
The snag is that they literally cannot sign anyone else.
Basically what I was saying... that is if we are talking about the kind of money that will preclude his going on the open market.

Curious thing is that Homer eluded to the fact that he could sign both Carter and Leino after he inked Giroux... yet he signed Carter for a very good Cap hit, considering we all had chalked up a higher per year Cap hit and assumed he would demand much more with the leverage he had.

What may have been the case is Homer thinking he could sign him for a short-term deal that would allow him to prove he is wort the big bucks... and quickly found out that he wanted a long(ish)-term commitment for more money than a second year player would normally ask for.

I wonder if Ville were a RFA, and Arbitration eligible, if it wouldn't be easier to sign him for a bridge contract... But then again, he may not have fallen in the Flyers lap had he been... And also, would he then become an arbitration case that gets refused like Zherdev's and a few others since the Lockout? He sure has more to offer than a one-way scorer... but with so much of the core already locked in, do the Flyers have the resources to lock in another core player? When is enough enough?... And what if some of the core go belly up?... Or does Homer dare lock in so much of a team where he will live or die with their success?

That said, he has proven that NTC/NMC can be worked around... Some of the long-term core may be moved before their contracts expire if Homer gets imaginative in re-allotting his resources. The Cap management is still a learning process in the NHL... with no set answers cast since there is not enough history to determine anything, and the process really still in a state of flux.

I doubt this will fly very well here with those who feel Homer is lost with Cap management... but I really believe that no judgement can be made until all the facts are in. If he brings a Cup he will look like a genius; if he doesn't he won't come out smelling so sweet... His signed core has to pan out, and his role players must do their jobs well, at Feature Players salaries.

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