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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Really...must every thread on every topic on this board resort to the "you guys don't get it thread" or the "I played so I am automatically right"

How many NHL games did Scotty Bowman play?
How many NHL games did Bill Torrey play

Bill Belichek played briefly at the Div III level and is probably the greatest coach in NFL history.

On the flip side Wayne Gretzky was arguably the greatest player ever and was awful as a coach and talent evaluator......oh wait nevermind I only played high school hockey I can't judge bad.
Scotty Bowman and Bill Torrey were around hockey their entire life, not just sitting at home and watching it on tv or complaining on web sites, then decided to apply for a coaching job and got hired. Use your head. And if you ever watched Gretzky play, you'll remember space was created for him by guys named Semenko and McSorley. Why don't you ask Wayne, Mario, Sid, Ovie, Kane, The Sedins, Stamkos etc etc what they think about abolishing enforcers and fighting from hockey? They'll all laugh right in your face.

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