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12-26-2010, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
Not true.

Bell's channel packages suck. Their net is terrible. Their Net specialists certainly are special. Their phone bills are always overcharge.

Bell honestly cannot do anything right.

I had my cell phone and net with them (had sat, phone and dish) didn't save anything and always overcharged.

They know jack ****. I had to call Bell so many times about their troubleshooting internet protocols that I was able to do it myself. They'd tell you 3 lame things then some tool over to look at the lines. Yes, my internet just randomly cut out at 4:38 an it had nothing to do with you.

One time I called them and spent about 6 hours on the phone trouble shooting and whatnot. I told them repeatedly that it was something on their end. Didn't believe, hell, they didn't even consider it. I waited 2 hours, called back got someone else who wasn't a complete **** up and they saw that the problem, was in FACT on their end.

So useless.
I havent had any issues with bell, but your stories remind me alot of my struggles with telus.

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