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12-26-2010, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Anksun View Post
What do you guys think of Bell Tele Fibe (and internet).

Last year, i told Bell to never call me back as long as their ****** satellite antemna would be required. I couldnt care less if it's only once a year that i cant watch the TV because of a snow storm, it's 1 time too much for me. I mean, i'm not watching the TV all that much, but it pissed me off to a point i didnt care about the extra $$ with videotron.

But well, they called me back 2 months ago offering me to go on Fibe (high speed internet) with evething i have with Videotron at a lower cost (and i actually have crappy "internet intermediaire" right now. And the RSV Receptor free of charge for 3 years...

I dunno, it's kind of interesting. Especially considering i usually break my limit on my internet.

So fibe? what do you think?

I find this interesting as I called a month ago and they told me Fibe wasn't available in 'my area'. My area=montreal. I was very pissed off. Let me know if its now available.

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