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Originally Posted by Vino View Post
Could you compare Kitsyn and Tyler Toffoli, thanks.

Is Toffoli better skater than Kitsyn? Kitsyn really is not prettiest or fastest skater. I think, that some way Ryan Smyth and Kitsyn reminds each others (net presence, good in tights, so and so skating).

What kind of player Toffoli is? Pure sniper/shooter or can he also made plays?

Could Toffoli and Kitsyn be linemates? I mean could they compliment each other or are they too much same kind of players, that they can't play same line.
Terve Vino!

Well I think that Josh has pretty much given a solid reporting on these two and I am putting a breakdown on all three of our prospects that I will put up later on (for anyone who'd care to read it) but I can add a couple of things.

Toffoli is a better skater than Kitsyn in my opinion. Toffoli has a powerful first step and when he winds up can move pretty well. His strength is in his choppy first two or three motive steps and once gets going his mid foot balance is very good. I see him as having the foot speed to play in the NHL easily.

His hands are coming along nicely. He has a pretty hard shot and can get his wrist shot off very quickly though he is more of a deflective scorer. He has breakaway speed and looks like he is trying to become a break away style of player but as Josh said, right now he is more suited to being a complimentary player.

If he continues developing at his current rate I can see him as a very good top 3 wing. Not a power forward but a very good sniper. His entire game needs work before he gets there but he has taken some seriously big strides over the past two years so I can't imagine that he won't at least get a shot.

I have watched Kitsyn for a couple of years now and saw him play in person several times during my time in Russia last year (7 times to be exact) and he is a fun player to watch.

He has deceptive speed for his size and while he is still developing his overall skating style and ability, his natural balance and drive keep him in the game and even if he doesn't improve too much he can still make it as an NHL caliber forward.

Of course where and how he would fit in is to be determined on his skating. If he is able to bring it up to par then I see him as a solid 2nd line LW. I would compare his game to Ryan Malone of TB. Kitsyn has allot more skill in his hands/stick work than Malone and Malone is more physical but the two players balance out overall in my opinion.

For Kitsyn to make it as a top line LW he is going to have to continue to drastically improve his power skating and his stride but so far he looks to be improving at a nice pace so it shouldn't be a problem.

I hope that my additions were helpful.

It looks like we have two more excellent young talents on our hands.

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