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12-27-2010, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Woof View Post
The article doesn't tell me much about what will happen and a lot of what Timmeh thinks will happen. The Flyers don't generally tell anyone who they expect to start 3 days before a game. Also, his comments about Bob's play are over the top, his record over the past few games is as much the team's fault as his. There have been a lot of dumb turnovers and goals that have bounced off the defencemen's legs.
There has been but he has let a few goals up high and five hole that were his fault. Plus he is a small goalie that relies on reflexes, if a shot goes off a player 1 ft in front him he has to potentially move more than a big goalie like lieghton would have to. He was doing that earlier but has feel off the last few games.

Im a Lieghton supporter too as I think, when all our is healthy, he is the perfect type of goalie for this team.

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