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12-27-2010, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
It was great to be back at Staples Center, and more importantly great to see the Kings finally get a win in person.

Crowd was awesome and the team is so much better and more exciting when they roll 4 lines capable of playing hockey, it's so refreshing to not have to worry about how many minutes certain players are going to play and drag down the team. Every player on the roster last night contributed to the win. Really proud of the boys and to Murray for giving the team a good chance to win.

Johnson and Doughty are just so good it's scary. Getting these two signed longterm has to be #1 priority for the team right now. Now I just wish Kompon would put JJ back on the #1 PP, it's ridiculous how much better they move the puck with JJ over Stoll.

Clifford's play since he stopped towing Anchor19 has been nothing short of amazing, especially for a 19 year old kid. This kid has moved up to a checking unit in the NHL and has been playing lights out shutting down top forwards, playing tough and chipping in offensively.

Smyth is so bad it's painful to watch. It's getting to the Roenick level minus the circus and excuses. Both DT and DL have done other teams favors by taking washed up overpaid stars from years past, going forward I hope lessons have been learned.
Brown's goal last night was the most patience I have seen Dustin show offensively, I think the old Brown would have wired that as quickly as possible on net, it was nice to see him wait, take his time and pick his spot.

Had a $250 gift card I got for Christmas and it was gone by the end of the 2nd on food, booze and stuff from the team store...oh well worth it.

I miss Staples Center, Kings Fans and nice weather...I don't want to fly back.

Agree 100%. Smyth does very little for this team right now. Gets knocked off the puck very easily and flops around on the ice quite a bit. Amazing that he's fallen so far so quickly. I know he's a good guy and great in the room but his play hardly begs of a guy making 6 mil + this year.

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