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Originally Posted by HopelessOilFan View Post
Not exactly beer league, but i play every few days at one outdoor rink around town.

I went one day, and there was a guy clearly better than everyone there, mostly kids (13 and under) and a few of me and my buddies who have never played organized hockey, just 3 seasons on the out door ice. Needless to say we weren't even close to his level.

So we threw our sticks in and this guy ends up on a team with my friend and some of the kids. He never passed, deked through kids on his own team, and just insisted on making everyone look stupid.

He got around me, missed the shot and as i was going off to switch, he came by and put it through my legs while i wasnt facing him and started chirping me.

Eventually we all got fed up and stopped playing with him. So a dad and his son come out, the son wearing like, road hockey goalie gear but wants us to shoot on him, so we all gently shoot and keep it low and are having fun.

The guy who insisted on showing everyone up, then comes out and hammers a shot top shelf on the kid, and started chirping the 12 year old in net.

I absolutely lost it. Next move he tried around me, i knocked him on his ass. He kept his head down and all times so i hit him in the chest, and he fell flat on his ass. After this he starts slashing me, tripping me, and just abusing me in general on the ice.

I want to preface this part with saying that i'm not a mean guy, i'm really shy and quiet and have never been into a fight, im always the kind to talk this stuff out.

So i threw my gloves down and challenged him to a fight after he made one of the kids cry because the kid hadn't touched the puck all night being on his team.

The kid blew me off like he didnt want to fight, so i told him to quit being a dumbass and we would be fine, then as i skated away he shoved me from behind down to the ice.

I got up, and as he was laughing in my face, fed him my fist.

I have never felt so good about putting someone in their place.

He ended up trying to get up and falling flat on his face before his friends came and forced him to come off the ice. I'm not sure if it was my punch or the ice, but there was blood pouring out of his nose.

Sorry for the essay like response, i just figured people here would understand where i was coming from.
Had something similar to that playing pick up roller on time. It was a mix of younger guys 15-20 and some guys in their mid to late 20s. A few of the younger kids were new to the game and just trying to figure things out. One of the older guys was just being a ***** in general running around laying the stick and body on like its OT in game 7 of the SC finals. He finally lays into some kid who cant see him coming. Needless to say, he couldnt figure out why I put the shoulder into him and one thing led to another and we got into a little bit of a tussle with no punches thrown. I dont know what pissed him off more, the fact that I actually had the gall to play him like he was playing or the fact that i was 19 a few inches shorter and a few lbs lighter and he couldn't overpower me like he though he could.

Both of us ended up getting kicked out of pick up and it actually ended up costing me a spot on a team but it was worth it to me to go out of my way to make sure the kids learning to play werent discouraged from some ******* who couldnt handle the fact that his dreams of making the NHL were long gone.

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