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12-27-2010, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by The Special K View Post
it may be clean...but the new rules say that a shoulder to the head is grounds for suspension.
I think he get a few games....maybe 1 or two.
Correction: BLINDSIDE shoulder hits to the head are grounds for suspension. It was specifically written in the rulebook and talked about by the GM's that taking out normal shoulder to head hits would cut down on the physical aspect of the game way too drastically. Guys would be afraid to throw normal can't know for sure where you're going to hit the guy until it happens since the receiving party could very well make moves to put himself in a vulnerable position at the last moment.

This is two things: bad luck and a player not preparing himself adequately for a hit he saw coming.

I'll bet you any amount of money he deservedly gets nothing.

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