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12-27-2010, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by camorr84 View Post
Borderline clean. He seems to have left his feet and raised his shoulder towards Perraults head. What i think did most of the damage was Perraults stick which he seemed to have broken with his face.

I love the bone crushing hits,but i do think that the hitter should take into condideration a player who is in a vulnerable position. Cookes hit was deemed legal last season but he didnt have to aim for Savards head.He could have still drilled Savard by targeting the shoulder...Samething here,Gleason could have crushed Perrault going shoulder to body.
this. plus he was following through with the elbow anyways... that could have killed the dude on its own if there were any type of delay or change in timing at all...

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