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Originally Posted by Hot Fuss View Post
I've always been confused as to what the meaning of liberal Islam is. There is only a practicing Muslim, or a non-practicing Muslim. I think a lot of people have been using words like moderate, liberal next to Islam in justifying all the things that Islam, as a religion, forbids.

But I'm intrigued that there is Islamic influence in parts of Russia. I wasn't aware of that.

I was also sort of amazed in analyzing Nikolai Khabibullin's last name. If Bullin is used to suggest "of Allah". Then Khabib, I'm sure is taken from the Arabic word "Habib" which means "loved one".


Anyway, back to Yakupov? Do people think he's the consensus 1st selection for 2012? If so, how does he project in the NHL? A flashy, scoring winger? Is Patrick Kane a good comparison?

i hope i won't get banned for too much off-topic thou i guess maybe it's interesting for you to know a bit about Yakupov's native culture.

yeah, it's a bit different here (Tatarstan/Bashkortostan) for centuries we had Islam as the main religion and it had been modificated due to national mentality, we never had sharia law here, because our society is based more on the cultural basis (not like Arabian countries where Islam is the foundation of everything)
in 19th century it was given the name - "djadidizm"(جديدية‎‎ in Arabic, Jəditçelek in Tatar) modern Islam in other words.Sometimes it's called EuroIslam in media.

it's not just islamic influence's islamic regions and it's became part of Russia only in 16th century.we (tatars/bashkorts) call our home Idel-Üral (Volga-Urals in English and Russian) - it's not only Bashkortostan/Tatarstan but also Sverdlovsk Region, Chelyabinsk Region, Samara region, the towns in this"russian now" regions had their names changed for example: Samara was originaly Tatar town Xamar(and the name of the River too).we call it our home because these "Russians" regions was our native lands back to 15-16th century, but Russian/Soviet administration split of regions left us with only Tat-tan and Bash-tan now adays.Thou there are a lot of Tatars/Bashkirs live in this regions(like Chelyabinsk) Khabibulin is from Sverdlovsk so no suprise he's having Tatar surname. in Soviet Era our culture was under the pressure from Soviet propaganda, they forced us to change our alphabet from Latin to Cyrillic, many mosques were destroyed, it was forbidden to teach Tatar-Bashkort children its native language and so on.After the collapse it's changed, now we're having freedom in such things as education, culture, religion, walking on Ufa street you can often here Tatar-Bashkort speech instead of Russian it was nothing like there back in Soviet times.

about Khabib you're absolutely right, it's "loved by Allah"
our Surnames and Names are either have Turkic or Arabian origin less Persian.My surname is Ramazan(ov) for example it's Tatar name for Muslim Holy Month "Ramadan"

i suggest you visit Ufa in 2013 we'll be holding 2013 IIHF WJC, you can look at "the other" Russia yourself Rəxim Iteğez ("Your Welcome")

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