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12-27-2010, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by tantrum4 View Post
The only problem I have with your post is that it wouldn't be the 30 GM's you would have to convince to get rid of the goons, it's the 700 hockey players that actually play the game on the ice. If you could figure out a way to stop hard hits, questionable hits, cheap shots, intimidation and trash talking, well then I guess you may be able to get fighting or enforcers out of the game. Until that time (which will be never), you're going to have tough guys that sit on the bench and are in the back of people's mind giving them a second thought before they take a run at a superstar.
Both you and JDM left out the agitator. The Cooke/Avery/Ott who use the instigator penalty to get away with all kinds of crap that never could have before it.
Fighting and enforcers are needed in hockey. What aren't are the staged fights

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