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10-08-2003, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by HotToddy
Its become obvious that the problem in the Comrie situation is that MC is pretty ticked about the way Lowe critisized him and others after the playoff loss last year. To be honest I don't blame him, K-LO goes and trades the teams best D-man and their power-play sniper at the deadline and then after the team fights hard to make the playoffs they get a date with the Dallas Stars. What did he expect? We've lost 5 playoff series to the Stars, they're suffocating defence and Mike Modano have owned this team. I don't beleive any Oiler "took a night off" during that series and to expect the Oil to do better than 6 games and out is unrealistic. I also think Comrie was unfairly critisized whe nhe came back from a broken wrist (still injures) and played poorly.

..........Having said all that I firmly believe that K-Lowe and the Oiler ownership should refuse to move Mike. Doing so would send the message that the Oilers truly are a development team for richer franchises. Since there is going to be a 1-2 year lockout I would explain to MC and Winter that the choice is clear. Sign with the OIl and we'll mend the fences or sit out the whole year and risk not playing hockey for sometime. In fact I would go so far as to explain that Mike will never be moved no matter how intense the media and fan pressure becomes. Yes it will hurt the team but it will also send a message to other players that when you are drafted by this team you are here until free agency. I hope Ottawa and Minny take the same stance with Gaborik and Havlat. Trading Restricted free agents who want more money is a short-term solution for small market teams that creates a long term problem.

Time to draw a line in the sand
You have to realize that Lowe traded the players mentioned for the good of the organization. Comrie's poor showing in the playoffs have nothing to do those trades. Salo, Smyth and others were critisized and came back with more fire. I can't believe you're defending Comrie on this. The non-financial issues that need to be resolved are the fact that Comrie is still not happy with the way he was treated.

I wan't them to keep him but if all this is true that the only thing holding up a contract agreement is Comrie wanting an apology for Lowe and having a clause saying he won't be critisized, then forget it. Build the franchise around Hemsky or some other player that requires less maintenance. Lowe already has to deal with the restrictions of operating financially in a small market. He doesn't need the other crap.

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