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12-27-2010, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
The coaching staff really needs to step in. This **** keeps going on and on... It ruins the atmosphere. If the Habs organization don't have it in them to incorporate an ebullient personnality they should trade PK to some team that can and at least get something valuable in return.
Wrong. It's a good thing that this happened in practice. It shows that our best forward is frustrated by this poor stretch and it shows that our best prospect wants into the lineup. The coach is happy about it....we should also be happy about it.

Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
I think they are just both very intense players and both hate that they are losing.

Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Well we don't know the reasons for all this stuff and we don't know what the heck Martin is teaching Subban but if all this has NOT been a planed thing by the players and Martin or if it's just something that that Martin is letting happen to Subban then I swear it's the worst coaching I have ever seen in 60 years being a Habs fan. I won't say that yet because we all need to know the truth about all this and I mean the truth not the party line, THE TRUTH. IS Subban just a real son of a ***** to coach or is the Coach the real SOB in all this. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON????????
Have you never been on a team that had an incident between players in practice? Cammalleri got into it with Lapierre last year....didn't seem to affect chemistry.

Originally Posted by Quarantesix View Post
Why you all say that they hate Pk for that. They are hockey players , scrum and fight happen all the time on the ice. I played with friends and against friends and i got into scrum all the time. I almost fought a teamates in a baseball practice.

But it's sport, just a game . Things are always all good after the game or practice. You guys are a little bit sensitive
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Originally Posted by Asterix View Post
That's not necessarily true. I've studied bullying and people can gang-up on someone who has done absolutely nothing. Not saying that this is the case, but it is possible that some just don't like his guts... just saying.
Good gawd....holy overreaction!

Originally Posted by RE-HABS View Post
Time for the GM PG to tell the Coach JM that he needs to play the kids on D, Subban and Weber cause the old guys are tired and hurt and Picard isn't the solution...if not, fire his ass and give him a cushy front office job and get a real coach.

Subban is obviously frustrated and it is being taken out on fellow players cause he is trying to show th coach he wants to play, the coach needs to open his damn eyes!
Do you not think that Jacques Martin has consulted with Muller, Pearn and the GM about his handling of PK?? I guarantee you he's not doing this all on his own.

Originally Posted by Beaker View Post
Lawls at this thread.
Yup! That says it all about this thread.

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