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Originally Posted by Axxion89 View Post
Ok I am going to clarify a few things:

First, if "A" level is house league (like beer league for kids) then my apologies for the mix up

Second, I don't have my own kids but I live on my own and have a job. I also do remember my childhood quite well and remember what it was like to be 12 and also know what its like for current 12 year old since I have worked with kids a lot and know more than most people on here.

Third, I agree that Atis is a nut/******* and should be barred from the team, but not his son, he didn't do anything unless proven otherwise. But also, lets keep in mind that all the parents came to the meeting and heard this guy speak, including the girls parents. So these meetings must have been a normal occurrence for this team. And upon hearing this guy slander a little girl, no one dig nothing during the meeting? Well you know the saying that goes if you do nothing or say nothing you basically agree to what the other person is saying right?

Fourth, There are a lot of facts missing from this story such as the following; Did any of the parents confront him in person? Did the coach actually do anything as a coach? Was this a long standing problem because she has been on the team for 2 years? Did the kids share the opinions of the father or was he the only one? Lots of variables that a make a difference

So this is what I am saying: She wasn't forced off the team, she left on her own. Was it wrong for Atis to do what he did, absolutely, but did any of the parents do anything about it? Nope so what does that say about them. If one parent had the bravery to stand up to this guy, I bet you she stays on the team but since nobody had the balls to do it, she interpreted that as everyone agreed. So in a way, I feel bad for her but not in the way most of you do.

Oh and for the people who say what would I do if this would happen to my kid, very simple. I call the guy out and ask him who he is, and tell him if he has anything to say, to say it my face and when he does, he gets a free black eye. If my kid find out, I tell him straight up not everyone in life is going to like you and some will talk bad about you. You ignore them and do what you wish and have fun because if they focus on you, they either jealous or you're doing something right. Thats the way I was brought up and I am proud of it.

PS - This is for all the people who say why can't girls play with guys if they are better etc etc. I agree, I don't care if girls play with guys, hell I played with a girl on my HS team and she was good, better than me and I didn't care at all, she played liked one of us. But in theory, if you are going to elect that girls can play on guys teams then you must also agree that boys can play on girls teams if they desire, its only fair. You cannot discriminate one sex but favor another. Thats why if there is a female team for the same sport, then girls have to play on the girls team but if there is no girls team, then let em play with the boys.
Fair post but I can't agree with the bolded. If a girl is good enough to play above the level of the local girls team then it is unfair to hold her back from trying out for a higher level even if that takes a boys spot on the team.

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