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10-08-2003, 09:50 AM
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All along i have felt that the both parties are in the right. Comrie is in the right to wait for a deal he feels comfortable with and K-Lo has the right to wait for a deal that makes sense for the organization. Untill now I had hoped that a deal would be eventually reached.

The thing I have a problem with is this business about Comrie having his feelings hurt by Lowe's comments. Now I don't bemone any pro athlete for making the money they do, I don't buy into the "Nobody is worth X dollars to play a game" they generate a ton of money and there are few people that can play at that level. But as a professional you have to be accountable just like any professional and in a highly public position like pro athlete you have to have some thick skin. Comrie wasn't the only one that was called out but he is the only one that seems to feel he is above that. I love the NFL and there are a lot of coaches like Parcells that call guys out on a weekly basis. If this is the hold up and the reason that Comrie doesn't wanna be back then good ridence my only hope is that Lowe make the deal quickly so we can move on.

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