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Originally Posted by Brandinho View Post
I don't doubt that there are some Tatars that look like that, but then they're not pure blooded Tatars are they? Regardless, this wasn't meant to spark some big debate. Khabibulin isn't a Muslim, THAT was the point.
they are pure blooded.Tatar nation came from different turkic and finno-ugric tribes living in that area

apperance varies from region when you see a blonde blue-eyed Tatar he's probably from Kazan area because Kazan Tatars(Qazan Tatarlar) mostly came from Bulgari tribe they are very european in kind of appearance, my father is Qazan Tatar, i'm blond and blue-eyed as him, Russians always look suprised when they hear my name or me speaking Tatar because they think i'm Russian, which i'm not i don't have Russian ancestors at all.

Khabibulin is kryashen tatar see my post above i asked Automobilist Ekaterinburg(in Soviet time Sverdlovsk) fans.he's orthodox well maybe he's not but his parents are

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